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Hidden transmitter hunting under international rules (also called radio-orienteering, fox-tailing, foxhunting and ARDF) now takes place regularly in southern California.  Some participants are training for upcoming national and international competitions, but most are just out there for fun and exercise.  Here's the latest information on these informal sessions.

Next Event:  Saturday, October 30, 2021 at Bonelli Regional Park.  (Click for directions and times.)  For e-mail notification of these events, join the southern California ARDF mailing list.


Los Carneros ARDF
Los Carneros ARDF on 6/12/2021
Photos above and report below by Joe Moell KØOV

It started out as a great day for hidden transmitter hunting in Goleta.  Then there was a minor setback when Marvin Johnston KE6HTS had a fall just after putting out the third of the five two-meter ARDF transmitters.  He's OK, but the other two transmitters didn't get set, so it was a three-transmitter course on two meters.  Here are the results:

      Name and call               Time      Foxes

     Bill Wright WB6CMD          0:37:23      3

     Scott Moore KF6IKO          0:46:14      3

     Dick Norton N6AA            1:09:10      3

     Michael Hart KC6MEH         2:05:00      3

Two participants went out to find the 80-meter transmitter that I put in the northeast part of the park.  Here are those results:

      Name and call            Time  

     Bill Wright WB6CMD       24:30

     Scott Moore KF6IKO       33:00

It was good to see long-time transmitter hunter and hider Darryl Widman KF6DI visiting.  Others on the sign-in sheet were Bob and Cindy Sherman KJ7QWQ and and KJ7QWT, visiting from Grant's Pass, Oregon, as well as Al Lever KD9KMZ and Les Merryman KN6CKG.  Some learned about ARDF by finding my talking practice transmitters.  Afterward, several of us went to Creekside restaurant for a good late lunch.  Thanks to everyone who came out and made it a pleasant day.

Joe Moell KØOV

Hillcrest Park ARDF
Hillcrest Park ARDF on 5/8/2021
Photos above and report below by Joe Moell KØOV

After 18 months, it was great to have an ARDF session in southern California.  Weather was perfect, snacks were good and everyone was in good spirits.  There was a good turnout from members of the Fullerton Radio club and the GOTAhams club.

In addition to seeing old ARDF friends again, it was great to have some newcomers join in the fun.  I put out three talking two-meter practice transmitters near out gathering spot at the Izaac Walton Cabin.  Several newcomers tested their antennas and techniques by finding these transmitters, including members of the Kim family (Leo KN0LEO, Audrey KN0AUD and Justus KN6NOS).  Kathi Mixon KD6CAF built an antenna kit and shared it with hubby Ken KC6WOK.  Also seeking the practice transmitters were Tom Smith KB6A and Justin Nguyen K6OOF.

The five-transmitter two-meter ARDF course took those who successfully tried it to all of the corners and led them up and down the many hills.  Here are the official results:

      Name and call               Time      Foxes

     Bill Wright WB6CMD          0:35:25      5

     Scott Moore KF6IKO          1:14:00      5

     Erik Wresch W6INE           1:33:55      5
           with Harald Grabowsky AJ6LU 

     Mike Mahan K6MSM            1:48:45      5

     Dale Tyler W6EDT            2:05 approx  5

     Joe Perrigoue K7KCE         1:33:00      4
          with Liam

     Bruce Corning               1:42:54      4

     Steve Herbert K6CRW         1:18:50      3

     Michael Hart KC6MEH         1:30 approx  3

Bill Wright WB6CD, who has competed at the ARDF World Championships, set the pace by sprinting to all of five transmitters and back in just 35 minutes.  He was also the only one to go out to track my 80-meter transmitter at the far north end of the park.  He found this 80-meter fox and returned in just 10:23.

Making this ARDF session possible were Gene Thorpe KB6CMO and Bob Houghton AD6QF of the Fullerton Radio Club.  They made arrangements with the city and brought water and snacks.  Marvin Johnston KE6HTS came from Santa Barbara to put on the antenna-building clinic.  And as always, April Moell WA6OPS brought the traditional Foxhunting Weekend cake.  Thanks to them and to everyone who came out to have fun finding fox transmitters.

Joe Moell KØOV

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