The first and only full-length book for radio hobbyists on all aspects of Radio Direction Finding (RDF): 

Radio Direction Finding Simplified

By Joseph D. Moell, KØOV, and Thomas N. Curlee, WB6UZZ
7 X 9 inches, 323 pages, 235 illustrations
Publication #2701 from TAB Books, division of McGraw-Hill
First edition, 14th printing - - ISBN number 0-8306-2701-4

Written by two "T-hunters" with years of practical experience in both competitive and enforcement RDFing, this book puts together for the first time a compendium of both tried-and-true and newly-developed methods of closing in on the target. There are careful reviews of commercially available DF sets and complete construction plans for inexpensive, easy-to-make homebrew equipment, such as the Roanoke Doppler and the Happy Flyers RDF set. Computer buffs will appreciate the complete listings for two RDF triangulation programs. There are even some "secret weapons" to put you ahead of the competition.

Mobile T-hunting (also called foxhunting and bunny-hunting) can help police the ham bands, save lives, and be just plain fun. On-foot radio-orienteering (also called foxhunting and ARDF) is becoming a world-wide sport. If you've never been out on a transmitter hunt, you've missed some real excitement. Getting started can be easy and fast. You may have almost everything you need right now! This book will help you with equipment choices and teach you the right techniques.

THRDFS cover Partial list of topics:

TRANSMITTER HUNTING --- Radio Direction Finding Simplified (THRDFS) is easy to read with plenty of clear photos and drawings. Hams, SWLs, and users of 2-way radio technology (public safety, industrial, government, business) will all find it valuable. Search and Rescue volunteers and professionals are using it as a training manual.

How To Get It

THRDFS is sold by many Amateur Radio equipment dealers and electronics stores. You may also order it by mail from the authors. Book price is $27.00 each, plus postage (normally $5.60). Sorry, no single-book shipments by UPS, FedEx, etc. California residents add $2.09 per book for state sales tax plus any county/local taxes.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  This book is temporarily out of stock.  Acceptance and shipments of new orders at this site will resume on or about September 4, 2014.

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