Southern California ARDF Practice 8/1/98
Maps and Photos

Topo map

Location of all T's on the course map. Magnetic North is at the top.

Aerial photo

Aerial photo of the elusive T2 and T5 locations in the Powder Canyon Wilderness. True North is at the top. The fire roads are gated, so you can't drive to these T's!

Fox photos

Two views of a foxbox with whip antenna.


J. Scott Bovitz N6MI took the shortest time to find four foxes, but he needed to cool off afterward.


Dale Hunt WB6BYU, Captain of Team USA, after the hunt.


Marvin Johnston KE6HTS gets a bearing with his L-Per.


Scot Barth KA6UDZ on the run.


Can you find the foxhunter in this picture? It's Glenn Allen KE6HPZ.

SuperSystem 1

Super System Team 1 led by WA6TWF ponders a bearing.


Dick Palmer WB6JDH learns on the go.

SuperSystem 2

Super System Team 2 arrived late but attacked the course with vigor.


Joe Brown N6OXG and his son Daniel try foxhunting for the first time.

Joel Thomson

Joel Thomson of the Los Angeles Orienteering Club borrowed the Canadian RDF set for his first attempt at radio-orienteering.

Course photos Copyright © 1998 Joseph D. Moell. All rights reserved.

Map by Los Angeles Orienteering Club 1991. Reproduced for educational purposes only.

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