Team USA at the 2008 World ARDF Championships

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Photos by Jay Hennigan WB6RDV, Dale Hunt WB6BYU and Richard Thompson WA6NOL

Getting seated for the opening ceremonies. (By WB6RDV)

Starting preparation for the two-meter event took place in this big hall. (By WB6RDV)

Waiting in the start prep area are (l to r) Scott Moore KF6IKO, Nadia Scharlau, and Bob Cooley KF6VSE of the USA. (By WB6RDV)

Four competitors are ready to start when MOE begins its next transmission. Left to right, they are Hu Kaikai of China (M19), Tchermen Guliev UA3BL (M50) of Russia, Huang Zheng (W21) of China and Bob Cooley KF6VSE (M60) of USA. (By WB6BYU)

In the finish corridor on his way to a bronze medal is George Neal KF6YKN (M50) of the USA. (By WA6NOL)

Nadia Scharlau (W35) of the USA. (By WB6RDV)

Vadim Afonkin (M40) of the USA. (By WB6RDV)

Jay Thompson W6JAY (M21) of the USA. (By WB6RDV)

Scott Moore KF6IKO (M40) of USA. (By WB6BYU)

Harley Leach KI7XF (M60) of USA. (By WB6BYU)

Jay Hennigan WB6RDV (M50) of USA. (By WB6BYU)

David Williams M3WDD (M40) of the UK. (By WB6BYU)

Bob Cooley KF6VSE (M60) of the USA. (By WB6BYU)

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