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All photos by Joe Moell KØOV unless otherwise credited

In mid-summer, Camp Concord is full of both youth and adult campers, but on the third weekend of September, the season was almost over. We had the whole camp to ourselves, except for a few ladies doing scrapbooking.

All of the campers were assigned cabins in the upper section, equipped with enough electricity to power a small space heater. That was of limited help as temperatures dipped into the 30's overnight.

From bears to beetles, the south shore area of Lake Tahoe has a plethora of wildlife. These white-headed woodpeckers were busy storing food for the winter.

An inquisitive critter took a careful look at my two-meter practice transmitter. Dale Hunt WB6BYU says it's a Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrel.

Marvin Johnston KE6HTS of the Santa Barbara Amateur Radio Club was overall Event Chair. Even when problems arose, he kept his smile.

Bob Cooley KF6VSE of Pleasanton, California, a long-time orienteer, was the course-setter for all the competitions. He also put on full days of ARDF training at sites north of the camp on Wednesday and Thursday before the championships. Here he is helping pre-teen Monique Beringer of Brea, California, a newcomer to ARDF.

Brian DeYoung K4BRI and his daughter Emily K4MLE traveled to the championships from Alexandria, Kentucky. They have been active in the sport since the USA Championships of 2003.

When Emily DeYoung and Monique Beringer met for the first time on Friday, they became instant friends. (By April Moell WA6OPS)

Jay Hennigan WB6RDV of Santa Barbara was excited about the upcoming competition as he checked out his 80-meter receiver near his cabin on Friday afternoon.

Newcomer Neil Robin WA7NBF of Port Angeles, Washington exchanges ideas with veteran radio-orienteer Dale Hunt WB6BYU, who lives near Portland, Oregon. Dale is testing a Moxon rectangle RDF antenna for two meters.

Brigitte Roethe came to South Lake Tahoe from Germany with her husband Nick DF1FO. This is the second year that the Roethes have included our national championships in their touring of the USA. This year they brought new two-meter ARDF sets that Nick had built.

A chocolate fountain provided treats as everyone gathered in the dining hall on Friday evening after the practice session.

Meals at Camp Concord gave new meaning to the term "camp food." Friday night's supper was a Mexican food feast.

Bryan Ackerly VK3YNG of gets ice cream for dessert. A regular participant in foxhunts near Melbourne, Australia, he has been coming to ARDF championships in the USA since 1999.

During and after supper, everyone greeted old friends and made new ones. Heads left to right are Csaba Tiszttarto, Ken Harker WM5R, Harley Leach KI7XF and Pete Sias NØOY.

Photos and captions Copyright © 2007 Joseph D. Moell. All rights reserved.

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