Photos of the 2018 USA ARDF Championships

by Tom Gaccione WB2LRH (TG), Ken Harker WM5R (KH), Woody Jackson (WJ) and Patrick Sears AK4JE (PS)

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Scott Moore KF6IKO, M50. (WJ)

Alexander Myachin, M40. (TG)

Eduard Nasybulin, M21. (WJ)

Matthew Robbins AA9YH, M50. (WJ)

Kelly Sears, W50. (TG)

Patrick Sears AK4JE, M40. (WJ)

William Smathers KG6HXX, M60. (TG)

Anres Viira from Estonia, M50. (TG)

William Wright WB6CMD, M50. (TG)

After setting all of the transmitters, Bob Cooley KF6VSE waited for finishers to arrive and to download their e-sticks. (KH)

Some competitors make few very marks on their maps but others, like Patrick Sears AK4JE, are very methodical.  Here is his map after the two-meter competition. (PS)

After finishing, competitors compared their course routes, as Jerry Boyd WB8WFK and Ruth Bromer WB4QZG are doing here. (KH)

The traditional awards banquet took place Saturday evening in the event hotel.  Banquet Coordinator Tom Gaccione WB2LRH was happy with the taco bar from Golden Rotisserie, a local restaurant. (PS)

Young James Harker celebrated his seventh birthday at the banquet with his parents Jen W5JEN and Ken WM5R. (PS)

Everybody had a chance to enjoy James' birthday cake. (TG)

This year's medals. (KH)

Medals for foxoring, sprint and 2m classic competitions were presented after supper.  Proudly wearing their medals are Natalia Bondarenco, Kelly Sears and Ruth Bromer WB4QZG. (TG)

Medals for the 80-meter classic competition were presented immediately after that event on Sunday afternoon.  Here are the 80m winners. (WJ)

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