Photos of the 2015 USA and IARU-R2 ARDF Championships

by Joe Moell KØOV, unless otherwise credited

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Another Chinese radio-orienteer nears the finish line, looking as fresh as when he left the start.

Electronic scoring was used for all events, including the training.  This trainee is downloading her "e-stick" after her two-meter run.  Doug Berling of RMOC is running the computer as Meet Director Brian Coleman watches.

Wednesday's practice was for the sprint event.  It took place at Fox Run Regional Park in northeast Colorado Springs.  As usual, the Chinese students arrived in their big bus.

One of the 80-meter sprint transmitters.  Range is less than in the classic event, so full-length antennas are not needed.

The Chinese students got off their bus and immediately began their morning exercises.

David Gent W5QZ (at right) led the starting line volunteers each day.  As an advisor to the Amateur Radio club at Texas A&M University, he came to the championships to learn all about ARDF in hopes of encouraging more activity at the college.

The first sprinters are running up the starting corridor.

Mike Schuh KF7QDZ of Seattle, Washington is on the way.

Stopping to check a bearing is Joseph Huberman K5JGH of Raleigh, North Carolina. 

The spectator corridor beacon between the two five-transmitter groups was also the finish beacon.  Brian Coleman pointed to tell competitors which control to punch.

Patrick Sears AK4JE of Chapel Hill, North Carolina (center) made lots of new friends among the Chinese visitors.  Here he is with Guangzhou School teachers Guangli Li and Hai Huang, Sr.

On Thursday morning, everyone gathered for the first official competition at Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch.  It was the day for foxoring at Magness Family Adventure Camp on the west side of the highway.

The Chinese group arrived early, as usual, and got instructions and advice from their trainers and teachers.

It was hard to get a good photo of the Guangzhou school banner because of the breeze.

Ken Harker WM5R and Jen Harker W5JEN have arrived, bringing Sophia Claphan (pictured) to take care of the Harkers' son, James.

Some participants climbed to the top of this lookout tower to get a good look at the camp.

Photos and captions Copyright © 2015 Joseph D. Moell. All rights reserved.

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