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BOK member Ian Schields was one of the helpers during the championships, but he also took the opportunity to try ARDF for himself on practice day.

The afternoon practice session was on the 80-meter band.  This is Bob Cooley KF6VSE, who won four medals (including three golds) in Serbia last year.

Jay Hennigan WB6RDV brought home a silver medal from the 2012 ARDF World Cup.  He and Bob Cooley are friendly rivals at the regular southern California ARDF sessions.

Jennifer Harker W5JEN and son James arrived in North Carolina a couple of days before her hubby, Ken.  For the practice day, James hitched a ride with Mom.

James still needs some training in how to hold a two-meter antenna.

Marvin Johnston KE6HTS (left) reviews the map with Richard McNeeley W3DQT and Jay Hennigan WB6RDV.

The practice day was a good opportunity for the organizers to test procedures and scoring equipment.  After download, results were posted on individual pages on strings, arranged in order of score.  John Marriott and Jay Hennigan WB6RDV are looking them over.

The Thornburg Tract includes a 160-acre 19th century farmstead that was purchased by the US Forest Service for restoration in 2005.  As a gateway to the Birkhead Wilderness, it was an ideal start and finish area for the foxoring event that took place on Thursday.

Because of the federal government shutdown, the Thornburg farm was unstaffed and the gate to the parking area was closed.  Fortunately there was some parking near the gate and along the dirt road.

There was occasional light rain on this day, but running conditions in the forest were very good.

The championship organizers posted notices to let others in the forest know of the radio-orienteering events.

The farmhouse was not staffed due to the shutdown, but the exterior was available for our use.

Refreshments and First Aid were on the back porch.

Fortunately, the participants had better toilet facilities to use than this old outhouse, which was part of the display.

Foxoring transmitters are very small and are usually concealed in trees.  There is a punch but no flag.

Photos and captions Copyright © 2013 Joseph D. Moell. All rights reserved.

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