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Championship fox transmitters on two meters use horizontally-polarized omnidirectional antennas, like this "turnstile."

Bob Frey WA6EZV (left) and Jack Stump KD5OEO appear to be in a photo-finish, but they were in separate categories and didn't start at the same time. WA6EZV won M50 silver and KD5OEO won M40 bronze in this 2m hunt.

Debbie Pendley KD5LOK of Albuquerque is excited because she just finished the 2m course and qualified for a gold medal in F35 category.

Mike Pendley K5ATM of Albuquerque recovers from his 2m run. He took silver in the M40 category.

Is he happy or delirious? Jerry Boyd WB8WFK of Albuquerque seems happy after his 2m run. He was even happier later, as he got his gold medal in M40 division.

It looks bad, but steel tape yagis are easily repaired if needed.

Next morning, the competitors walked about a kilometer cross-country through the forest to the 80m start point. Donald Pitchford W9EBK of Illinois shows his unique 80m antenna that he used with a wide-coverage hand-held receiver.

Gyuri Nagi KF6YKN/HA3PA (left) and Jerry Boyd WB8WFK head up the 80m starting corridor.

The 80m transmitters had long wire antennas held up by fiberglass poles. This was the finish line transmitter at the start of the corridor.

Soon the 80m competitors were launched into the woods. Some never stopped running, while others gave photo opportunities as they stopped to take careful bearings.

Above photos Copyright © 2002 Joseph D. Moell. All rights reserved.

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