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First to finish the 80m course was GAOC member Charlie Siler KO4NO, winner of gold in M50 category.

Gyuri Nagi KF6YKN/HA3PA heads for the 80m finish line and a gold medal in M21 category.

Sergei Storkov KD5RNL of Arkansas was second overall on 80m in the M21 category.

Charles Scharlau NZØI of North Carolina captured 80m silver in the M21 category.

Hiroshi "Yoh" Izuta KG6CEH learned ARDF in his native Japan. He now lives in California and was second overall on 80m in M40 category.

Here comes Kenneth Harker WM5R of Texas, who was fourth among USA competitors in M21 on 80m.

Bob Frey WA6EZV of Cincinnati took 80m silver in M50 category.

John Munsey KB3GK of Florida didn't have to run to capture a gold medal on 80m in M60.

Dick Arnett WB4SUV of Kentucky earned a silver medal in M50 on 80m.

Kevin Haywood N4MGB was 6th among USA competitors on 80m in the hotly-contested M40 category.

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