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Scott Stevenson KC5WB of Albuquerque was 7th among USA competitors in M40 category on 80m.

Capturing silver in M40 on 80m was Brian DeYoung K4BRI of Kentucky.

Debbie Pendley KD5LOK gets her second gold in F35, this time on 80m.

Gold medalist in F50 on 80m was Martha Carr, a GAOC member.

Sprinting to a gold in F21 on 80m is Valerie Meyer W8VAL (was KG4QWE) of Arlington, VA.

Marvin Johnston KE6HTS of Santa Barbara took fourth place in M50 on 80m.

Robin Shannonhouse of GAOC used her laptop to provide nearly instant scoring as the competitors handed in their cards. She was also the event Registrar.

Here's what all the USA competitors were seeking -- a gold medal.

A "breadboard" version of the 80m receiver kit that Dale Hunt WB6BYU passed out to several attendees for beta testing.

There were plenty of other things to do while vacationing in Pine Mountain. Callaway Gardens has a fascinating butterfly pavilion.

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